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Armed with a top hat, a six-string, and a steak burrito, Chuxx Morris braved the outer limits of space to perfect his stellar brand of rock and roll for the human race.  From the SxSW stage to the streets of Vegas, he is on a mission to deliver sweaty, sexy, loud music to the masses. We don’t know where he came from, but we’re glad he’s here to bring some hard-grooving tunes for raising hell and making babies.


It takes (a little) more than stereotypical drugs and girls to inspire Chuxx’s distortion-soaked musings. His signature gritty sound has been compared to the likes of Gary Clark Jr. and Cage The Elephant while his lyrics ring true to pop-junk culture pioneers Beck and Gorillaz. However, underneath each smoky layer of banjo, slide guitar, and harmonica lay the roots of the blues. Chuxx explains, “I was influenced by delta-inspired bands like Led Zeppelin and Hendrix when I first began writing…Every time I write, I try to channel that energy.”


In his natural habitat, Chuxx can be found writing, melting faces, or picking up on beachside super babes. If you're lucky, you'll catch him in his true Ninja Turtle form, shouting “COWABUNGA” as he downs an entire pepperoni pizza. If you’re REALLY lucky, he’ll tell you about the time he got down with Ke$ha on his space ship only to hijack her band. “I can’t make this shit up” he admits.



Chuxx is currently stuck on this floating rock called Earth somewhere between Texas and Los Angeles. He sits on the roof of his cheap rental car and looks up to the planet he came from, wondering how he got here and what is next. When asked where he is going, he simply answered, “ To my dreams. I hope its a wet one.” 



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